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Discover Bogotá with us

From our Cabrera Imperial Hotel by Cosmos we always aim to provide you with interesting and important information about our boutique hotel in Bogota, as well as the destination and events going on in the city.

Deportes extremos cerca a Bogotá

Deportes extremos cerca a Bogotá


Extreme sports near Bogota

It is an ideal sport to share with family or friends. It consists of navigating in an inflatable boat and people should paddle in the direction indicated by the guide. Before starting the tour they receive a talk where they explain the technical details and what to do in case of falling from the boat. In the route can pass through rapids or whirlpools, so it is necessary to carry the safety equipment that is provided by the guide: Helmet and waistcoat. You can practice it in the Negro River, located in Tobia (Cundinamarca), an hour and a half from Bogota.

Bungee Jumping
It's a leap into the void from a fixed base. The person is secured from the ankles and suspended in the air with an elastic cord that can be stretched three times its size and allows to cushion and bounce. To make this sport there are several options in terms of heights: You can practice it in Samacá (Boyacá), two hours from Bogota, at a height of 40 meters (to arrive you must exit the highway north via to Tunja). Another place is the dam of the SISGA, located in Chocontá (Cundinamarca), which is 70 meters high and is an hour and a half from the capital of the country (to arrive you must also take the road to Tunja).

Just 60 minutes from Bogota is the Zabriskie desert, via a la Mesa (Cundinamarca), where you can practice sandboarding, a sport in which the person rides on a wooden board and slides down a dune. This emerged as an alternative for people who practise snow sports do not have to leave their tables sideways in summer time or so that they can do in places where it does not snow. Those who want to have fun in the arena must have an hour's training, given by an expert instructor who will teach them the proper way to do it and will also be supervising the rest of the practice.

People who want to practice this sport can do it on natural rocks in Suesca (Cundinamarca), an hour and a half from Bogota. There you can choose between easy, medium or difficult routes, and you will receive instructions before you climb the mountain. Each athlete will have a safety equipment consisting of headgear, gloves and helmet. During the tour the rope by which the person goes is supported by the expert, who makes counterweight and gives directions to the climber. But for those who prefer to do it in a covered place and without leaving the city is the wall the big wall, which measures 15 meters. There

It consists of transiting a cannon in the company of a familiar guide of the route. During the tour you can climb, jump to the emptiness, dive into wells and descend by waterfalls. To perform each activity will have a suitable safety equipment: harness, ropes, gloves, helmet and waistcoat. You can practise this sport in Tobia, Cundinamarca, an hour and a half from Bogota (you must exit on Calle 80 and take the road to Medellín and 1.5 kilometres after the toll Caiquero you will find the detour to arrive). There is the canyon of the Quebrada El Tigre and the Cascade balustrade, which measures about 75 meters. To live is experience does not need any training, you should only wear comfortable clothes.

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